Top Management in Assignments for Marketing Manufacturing Control, Technical and Research Developments of Mainly Sophisticated Professional Electronics Equipment starting with the Multinational Philips Group. then with Forbes of the TATA Group, then as Managing Director and Chairman of Public Sector Companies, ETTDC, Government of India, and Uptron Powertronics, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Subsequently, Chief Technical Expert of a UNIDO project in Indonesia in the cadre of International Civil Service. Currently, Dr. Sandell is retired, but still active in the industry as Senior Management Committee Member of ASSOCHAM and President of Telecom Industry and Service Association of India.
Calcutta University 

Dr. Sandell attended Calcutta University for his undergraduate studies and post-graduate. He became a graduate with honors in physics, and followed it by getting a MSc degree with specialization in power engineering.


Bombay University, Bajaj School of Management

Dr. Sandell also attended Bombay University for one year prior to his job at Philips India Lt. He studied Marketing and gained his diploma while he was there.



While Dr. Sandell was in the USA, he earned his P.h.D. degree. This degree is in International Manufacturing Management. His thesis was focused on developing countries being challenged because of their technological levels. He talked about there needing to be a theory which determines what products a developing country should make at international marketing slots for what technology level within a cost framework.



Technology Innovation

Industrial Leadership

Corporate Management


Government Advisor